10 Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

November 17, 2015

1. Register Online: This will save you time at the door and usually money.

Most shows offer a reduced ticket price if you register online and pre-purchase your ticket. If you do not register online, be sure and register when you enter. Registering allows you to receive special offers, free gifts plus, you may win some great door prizes.

2. Create a temporary e-mail.

This is especially helpful while you are in the initial planning stages of your wedding. After you are married and no longer interested in receiving special offers or hearing from wedding vendors, you can delete your temporary e-mail. At first, the amount of e-mails and offers you receive may seem overwhelming. Take the time to read each of them. You don’t want to miss out on some good deals.

3. Bring pre-printed address labels.

Take the time to pre-print labels on your computer before the show. Use these labels for registrations in all the booths. This will save you lots of time. Be sure and include on the labels your name, address, phone number, temporary e-mail and wedding date.

4. Wear your Bride sticker.

You are the Star! Exhibitors look for this. For you, it means special attention from the wedding professionals at the show.

5. Walk down every aisle, visit every exhibitor.

Most shows have the exhibitors scattered around. So don’t leave any stone unturned or any aisle un-walked. If you are interested in this vendor or service, collect the information. You can look over everything when you get home. Many shows give you a bag for collecting the information. Once you are home, organize all the information, brochures and business cards, by category. If you haven’t already made appointments, now is the time. Many wedding professionals book up quickly, so don’t wait too long to meet with your favorite professionals.

6. Bring your checkbook, credit or debit card.

You may want to book a vendor at the show, particularly if your wedding is a popular date or this is a popular vendor or both. Signing a contract at the show and putting down a deposit (usually 30 to 50%) secures the date and vendor for your wedding. You can take care of the details closer to the wedding (selecting particular food, flowers, music, etc.). Some wedding professionals may give a discount or something extra if you book at the show. If it’s a popular date or vendor, probably not. Remember these are professionals and this is their business. Respect that and respect them.

7. If you are attending a large bridal show, come prepared to spend anywhere from two to four hours.

Allot time for the fashion show and make sure you visit with all the wedding professionals. Their ideas and information is invaluable in planning your wedding! Plus, it’s fun for you and your entourage!

8. Bring your fiancée with you for at least part of the event or for one show.

Leave the baby and children at home or with a sitter. Go with your Mother and friends later in the show or for another show. Visiting the various wedding vendors twice allows you to really take in everything you need to see and decide. Plus, it helps in selecting the right wedding professionals and the right wedding services for your wedding. You want the wedding services and professionals that are most important to you and the right fit for your wedding.

9. Ask lots of questions.

That’s why the wedding vendors are at a bridal show. They are there to meet you, to help you and to do business with you. Asking questions helps you determine if you want to do business with them. Remember, you are under no pressure to buy from them or contract with them. Find out as much as you can about each individual exhibitor and the services they offer for your wedding. It has to be a match.

10. Wear comfortable shoes.

Yes, there is a lot of walking. I know you want to look good and be stylish. But, if you want to see as many vendors as you can and walk all the aisles, your feet and legs need to be comfy.

Finally… Have Fun! Bridal Shows are great fun for You and your groom, your mother and your entire entourage! Enjoy the Day!!

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