Top 3 Wedding Registry Trends

Top 3 Wedding Registry Trends

September 20, 2017

From showcasing your love for pets to being a wine connoisseur and seasoned giver, here are the trends we’ve spotted for wedding registries. 

How do you convey your sense of style to your guests during the wedding planning stages? Simply send a message via your wedding registry.

Instead of the traditional Tupperware and bedding, couples are opting in for their friends and families to send congratulatory presents that fit their persona as well as fulfill their home improvement and deco needs. With the registry list being used for the all major events leading up to the wedding day —its best to make sure all the bases are covered when it comes to your guest’s gift giving. If it seems too much to take on, we’ve simplified the process and broke it up into the top three wedding registry trends.

Be the Inspector Hi-Tech Gadget

Create a registry at the best tech stores and online sites for those wireless sound systems, kitchen gadgets, hi-tech gear and more. One store that is offering group-gifting registry as an option is Best Buy. The cool thing about the group-gifting is that your guests can choose to pitch in on a costly item so that one person isn’t spending all the coin to get you that Bose® home theater system. So, now your guests’ team spirt can help you stock up with all the best electronic goods from hi-tech cork screws to even drones.

Cha Ching! Gift Cards and Crowdfunding are the New Cash is King

Most online registries give the option for guests to purchase gift cards. But what if you could access one site for all the places you love to shop? allows you to search for gift cards and add them to a wish list that you can share with family and friends. Another site, – lets you register for gift cards from hundreds of retailers and restaurants.

Crowdfunding registries for items like your honeymoon or dream home is an innovative idea. is a free honeymoon registry that gives you the opportunity to create a page for guests to contribute cash to your honeymoon in lieu of a gift. Now, that’s cool! Or you can share your home improvement ideas with guests at The site lets you register for improvement projects like a kitchen makeover, build a nursery or man cave and guests can contribute to the nest egg instead of buying a gift. Either way, each site has its merits.

The Cheerful Giver

If you already have everything you want for the home, your honeymoon paid for and even all the cool gadgets —then you can have your guests donate instead of bringing a gift. More often, you’ll start to see couples instruct loved ones to mark their nuptials with a donation to their favorite charity. Rather it’s donating to a foundation that is fighting to find a cure or to an adopt-a-pet organization; you’ll know that you’re making a difference by sharing passion and generosity with your wedding guests.

Viola! There’s your top registry trends, we hope you enjoy receiving all the items you’ve placed on your wish list.

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