Just Dance: Wildabeast Adams’ 5 Tips For Getting Fit Before Your Wedding

Just Dance: Willdabeast Adams’ 5 Tips For Getting Fit Before Your Wedding

June 6, 2018

Owning a dance studio that has grown mostly off of our viral videos, I can’t say I’m all that camera-shy these days. But as my fiancé Janelle has reminded me more than once, our wedding day is going to be filled with a lot of picture-taking.

So needless to say, I’m trying extra hard these days to look my best. If you’re trying to get in shape for your big day, here’s a little bit of my process that you can take with you.

Be Your Own Coach

If you’ve ever heard me give advice before, you’ve probably heard me say this – and in no place is that more true than owning your personal fitness. Nobody can make you do something better than you can. You could spend all the money in the world on gym memberships, personal trainers, and cool workout clothes—but you can’t buy discipline.

If you’re serious about getting in shape for your wedding, the only thing you need is the will to get there. Be your own coach.

Eat Clean

Eating well starts at the grocery store. I don’t buy cookies or crackers or snack things in packages because it’s just too easy to open a box and you never eat just one.  Buy good food and you’ll eat good food. Shopping wisely is half the battle.  I buy frozen edamame for snacks, popcorn that I air pop, veggies, etc. I try to avoid buying much food in packages.  This also helps me make better meals.

When it comes to performance, I know my body well enough to understand what it needs for hydration. When I’m starving and when I first wake up, I make a point of drinking a full glass of water before I put anything else in my body.  Before I perform, I drink a Red Bull and after I drink more water. That plan hydrates my whole body, energizes my big moment without a crash and then allows me to cool down properly.

Last tip, don’t skip meals…this always ends badly.  Starving yourself is not the answer and will almost always end in a binge.

Set A Goal And Stick To It

Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. I have the blessing of a job where I get to be physically active every day. But some of us have to sit at a desk from 9-5. In that case, I doubt anybody’s expecting you to look like a pro athlete by the end of your engagement.

Start by mapping out the long-term goal. “I want to lose x pounds by the wedding,” or “I want to work out x times a week, every week until the wedding.” That way, you can start to create a roadmap to get yourself there.

Then remember to check in with yourself, and be honest about where you’re at. Didn’t get to work out this week? Try and make up for it next week.

And if after a month your plan doesn’t seem to be working, it’s OK to adjust your expectations. Make a new goal for yourself with a more realistic timeframe. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself—planning a wedding it stressful enough!

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

And that leads me to probably my most important part: learn to laugh at yourself. This should be fun! Check out this video that Janelle and I made of a dance workout. We didn’t make it up for the views, that’s something we actually do together.

Dance is such a huge part of our lives, why wouldn’t we incorporate it in new ways? And that’s what I mean when I say fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. If dumbbells don’t work for you, don’t use them.

In fact, stay out of the gym all together. Go to the beach, stop caring what you look like, and get down with you bad self. You might find working out to be fun after all.

Don’t Stress

Beyond just looking good for the camera, getting in shape is equally about how you feel.Fitness isn’t just good for your body, is good for your mental and emotional health. And taking care of yourself sets you and your partner up for long-term success.

Probably the best lesson that I can share for marriage (or relationships in general) is that it comes down to expectations. We all have them. For ourselves, for our partners and we’re going to let ourselves (and each other) down from time to time. Learn how to forgive yourself when you don’t meet a goal, and adjust your expectations when you need to.

If that’s the only thing you get out of trying to get in shape for your big day, I can tell you—that will last you long after the dad bod shows back up.



Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams (Choreographer, Director, Studio owner, Producer, Professional Dancer) and Janelle Ginestra (Choreographer, Creative Director, Studio Owner, Professional Dancer) are guest writers for Premier Bride and are getting married September 1-2, 2018.  We’re excited that they are sharing their journey with us.  Keep watching for future stories!

The Upcoming Wedding Details:
• Engagement Photos: Geovanny
• Officiant: Wayne Brady
• Wedding Theme: “Couture Carnival”
• Location: Huntington Beach, CA
• Photo/Video: Nate Dumlao and Ryan Fleming

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