Cooking Classes as a Gift

Gifts Your Bridesmaids Won’t Forget

February 27, 2019

We all know how much planning goes into a wedding. There’s the picking of the flowers, the perfect song choice for your first dance, and many other tiny details. One thing a bride is all too familiar with is the bridal party. Along with making sure that you pick the perfect bridesmaids, the next step is also making sure that you give them gifts they won’t forget. Giving the right gift to your bridesmaids can be a stressful task. With everyone having different preferences, it sometimes seems downright impossible to give gifts that everyone will like and enjoy. Luckily, there are a few options that not only make for fun experiences and investments but can also add a sentimental touch for your gal pals.

A Cooking Class

If you want to give your bridesmaids a fun experience instead of items, a cooking class is a great idea. This is a great way to get all the girls together, drink some wine and enjoy some delicious food. The kind of cooking classes offered will be depending on the area you live in, but they can be ranging from Italian and making your own pasta to sushi-making to perfecting the art of pizza making. Try to choose a cooking class that will fit all of your bridesmaid’s food preferences and of course, take everyone’s dietary restrictions into account.

A Quality Bra

Every woman knows how important a well-fitting bra is. Giving your best friends something to help support their breast friends (pun intended!) will make for a great gift. If you’re unsure of their sizes, either ask each bridesmaid for their measurements (you’ll need them for their dresses anyways) or try to make the best educated guess possible. There are many undergarment companies that not only offer bra sizes based on cup size and bandwidth but also offer traditional sizes as well. Online bra company, True & Co. is one of these brands as they offer bras that go up to size 40DD as well as a large collection of bras that use sizing XS-4X. Giving your girlfriends something both stylish and comfortable will definitely be the gift that will keep on giving.

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts
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Photo Album:

This is a great sentimental gift that all of your bridesmaids will enjoy. If you want to make the photo album wedding-themed, you can include all kinds of photos from the wedding, your bachelorette party, and bridal shower. If the friendship with your bridesmaids goes back for years and years, adding in older photos from memory lane will bring a nice and nostalgic touch. When making the photo albums, you have the option of either buying them from an arts & crafts store and adding your own style or creating a custom photo book online. Whichever way you decide to make the album, giving something sentimental to your bridesmaids will go a long way and show how much your friendship means to them.

Photo Albums as Gifts
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Personalized Travel Mugs:

Giving your bridesmaids decked out travel mugs will serve as not only another cute mug to add to their collection, it will also help the environment and be a gift that they’ll use often. Depending on the style that you’re looking for and just how extra you want to be, Etsy is no doubt one of the best places to shop. With their custom creations, you can make each mug unique to each of your bridesmaids, helping to compliment each of their personal styles.

Coffee Mugs as Gifts
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What are some of your recommended bridesmaids gifts?

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