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Updating Your Identity

June 12, 2019

Are you taking your spouse’s name or coming up with a whole new last name for the both of you?  Where do you begin?   Well step one is of course signing the marriage license! Easy enough right? Now be prepared to do some waiting.  You will be waiting on the phone and in lines wading knee deep through bureaucratic mess. Stay strong it’s worth it! After all you want to celebrate your union, right?

Now that you have your marriage license, it will be no. 1 in your arsenal of proof. Be sure that no matter where you go to prove that you’re married you bring the original with you. It must have a raised seal for it to be officially accepted. Other than your marriage license, bring your social security card, drivers license, pass port, and even a copy of your spouse’s driver’s license if you must! Some places require multiple forms of identity to be sure that identity theft isn’t in place.

Now that your arsenal is safely packed away start by calling the Social Security Administration. They will help you via an automated system to walk you through the process of changing your last name. After the information has gone through you should receive a new card in the mail for free. If anyone tries to charge you for a card they are not the SSA. They are scammers so be sure to write down the number that called you and ask for a number and extension to call them back. Then call the authorities to let them know what happened.

Now that you have a new social security card, go to everyone’s favorite place; The DMV! More lines and waiting!! Oddly enough it’s harder to prove to the DMV than the SSA that you are who you say you are. Bring ALL the IDs you have to prove to them that you got married and need a last name change. If it were me I’d even bring my spouse and their IDs with me just to prove they’re real too and the wedding did happen! Be aware that the DMV requires you to come in person no matter what. So don’t be surprised if you try to call them and do it on the phone if they hang up on you. Be prepared for the usual line and ridiculous wait time so bring something to occupy your time. As I said bring your spouse! After all, it’s kind of their problem too!

After taming the beast that is the DMV, call everyone else! Call your boss to have your payroll changed, the electric, phone, and water companies, banks, credit card companies, post office, insurance companies, lease/mortgage agent, and of course your passport. Whew what a list! How is it that guys always get the easy end of the deal?   Have your spouse, friends, and family all on a line because you’ll all be on hold forever!   Here’s a checklist:

  1. Social Security
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Bank Accounts
  4. Insurance Policies
  5. Credit Cards
  6. Credit Rating Bureaus
  7. Doctor and Dental Records
  8. Employment Records
  9. Auto Registration
  10. Memberships

Good luck ladies! Prove to your man you’d do anything for him. Including calling everyone in creation and waiting on legalities to progress over a period of months! That’s true dedication!

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